Digital Skills One to One Coaching and Mentoring

I make technology feel less scary!

Work with me one to one

I am a Digital Learning Specialist and Coach with years of experience helping organisations to get knowledge online. I am experienced at developing online courses, resources, communities and events.

Working one to one with me means I can help you with your specific challenges, tailored to you and your context.

What can I help With?

Online Course Creation
Got an idea for online course? Talk through your ideas with me and let's work together to get your course idea researched, designed, developed and launched. 
Online Course Review
You might have an online course but want some ideas on giving it a boost. Let's chat through your existing course and we will find the quick wins to build it greater.
Community Building
Communities aren't just about opening the doors and the party starts. There's skill involved in building, engaging and growing an online community. I can help!
EzyCourse Mentoring
I'm a certified EzyCourse expert so if you want to make the best use of this powerful platform, jump on a call with me and utilise my knowledge of an experience with the EzyCourse platform.
Digital Project Support
I have years of experience managing digital learning projects on a variety of scales. I can support you by listening to your digital project and offering advice to help you achieving your goals.
Content Creation
Need to develop content? Of course you do. But there's some skills involved. I can help you with your skills in video, audio, instructional design and more. 

What you can expect

- You arrange a time for us to meet

- Complete a survey that is sent to you when you book

- Meet online with me and we discuss your goals

- You leave with an actionable set of steps to move forward

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